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Looking for a tree surgeon or tree pruning services wokingham Berkshire?

Bennetts Tree Care ltd are fully trained tree surgeons and can ensure your trees continue to provide the aesthetic value and function they were intended to be. Proper, conscientious pruning can enhance the beauty and function of your trees, while reducing the potential for loss of limbs or other failures during winds or diseased trees. Trees can be pruned to reduce their size/weight, the limbs can be elevated for clearance or you may wish to just prune the dead, diseased and broken branches from your trees.

Bennetts tree care can keep your tree or hedges looking beautiful all year round with our tree pruning, and trimming services. bennetts tree care will prune your tree the correct way that will Encourage new growth in trees by trimming back during the right times of the year,

tree pruning bennetts tree care ltd

Bennetts tree care specialise in tree pruning any tree either by arial platform or just by climbing by rope and harness. we can carry out any tree pruning using different techniques depending on the tree itself and its surroundings

Our goal is to create satisfied customers out of each and every contact. To assist us in this effort, while offering you savings, we provide free estimates.

tree pruning bennetts tree care ltd

why choose the correct tree surgeon

​When it comes to tree surgery carrying out tree pruning you need to be sure that you are employing a reputable accredited and insured tree care company then Bennett’s tree care can help you Our commitment to safety and health in the workplace is second to none and our 100% safety record speaks for itself. Choosing the right company with the machinery and resources for the job can keep your tree care costs at an affordable cost.  we pride ourselves on being able to think outside the box when it comes to challenging tree trimming projects. we dont do just trees we do hedges aswell 

there are many reasons why trees, especially mature trees, raise the property value of your home. Trees provide majestic beauty and undeniable curb appeal, along with much-needed shade. They enable us to stay out of the sun as we relax outdoors, and they also provide both shelter and food for many varieties of animals and insects.

Trees that aren’t well maintained, can become not only an eyesore, but also an actual liability. If you don’t maintain your trees there is a risk of injury and property damage due to fallen limbs, tree diseases and other hazards. That’s why pruning your trees—trimming away dead or overgrown branches—is essential to maintaining the trees’ longevity, beauty and value.

Pruning trees isn’t only for purposes of increased safety, health or value, either. While pruning branches helps to prevent the overgrowth of tree limbs, it also improves the overall health of the tree by encouraging new growth—but only when done properly.

Should you prune on an annual or semi-annual basis, or simply as needed? You Should you prune in specific seasons depending on the species of tree perhaps winter, before new growth occurs, or after late-summer, when high winds and heavy rains may have damaged the integrity of the branches?

When Is the Best Time to Prune Trees?

In the woodlands, trees have no need for pruning, and certainly not on any schedule. Wild animals, wind, and precipitation, as well as the ongoing growth of surrounding trees and other vegetation, provide all the natural pruning necessary on a year-round basis.

Around our homes, on the other hand, pruning trees is an important part of responsible ownership. Knowing to prune is the first step toward taking good care of your valuable trees. dormant part of its growth cycle. Pruning trees when they’re dormant helps the cut wounds heal faster, reducing the risk of disease and insect infestation.

bennetts tree care ltd

Tree Care, Fencing and Landscaping Services

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