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Bennett’s tree care offers a complete line of fruit tree pruning services for homeowners in the Berkshire area.  From fruit tree pruning and clean-up to fruit tree removal and emergency care, our arborists are professionally trained to properly maintain your fruit trees in accordance with bs3998 standards of tree care and safety standards.

Before performing any work on your property, we perform a thorough visual inspection of your fruit tree that requires pruning to identify any problem areas that may pose safety hazards to your home or family. During inspection, we look for early signs of decay or disease and evaluate the tree’s overall health and structure, for trees in decline or suffering from disease, we may recommend specialty pruning for that species of fruit tree, cabling or other treatments to help preserve the structure of the tree.

Maintaining your trees is an ongoing process and regular preventive care will help to ensure early detection of decay, disease and/or decline.


 Depending on the type and number of trees on your property, it is a good idea to develop a tree maintenance schedule for inspection and maintenance pruning creating a healthy tree will produce healthy fruit. Proper fruit tree pruning, and maintenance practices not only promote healthy tree structure in young, growing trees, they also allow mature trees to withstand the elements and safely co-exist near your home and other structures.


In the event a fruit tree cannot be saved or simply poses a hazard to people Bennett’s tree care provides a tree removal services. In special circumstances where a tree is near your home, we will carefully dismantle the tree minimizing the risk of damage to structures and landscape. A standard tree removal includes all removal of waste as well as grinding the stump 6 to 18 inches below ground level if required. If a new tree is to be planted in the area, we can completely remove the stump and roots to ensure the soil is free of organic material from the old tree.

when should we carry out tree fruit pruning on trees oct -march when trees are in dormant

there are many reasons why fruit trees, especially mature trees need pruning, raise the property value of your home. Trees provide majestic beauty and undeniable curb appeal, along with much-needed shade. They enable us to stay out of the sun as we relax outdoors, and they also provide both shelter and food for many varieties of animals and insects.

Trees that aren’t well maintained, can become not only an eyesore, but also an actual liability. If you don’t maintain your trees there is a risk of injury and property damage due to fallen limbs, tree diseases and other hazards. That’s why pruning your trees—trimming away dead or overgrown branches—is essential to maintaining the trees’ longevity, beauty and value.

Pruning trees isn’t only for purposes of increased safety, health or value, either. While pruning branches helps to prevent the overgrowth of tree limbs, it also improves the overall health of the tree by encouraging new growth—but only when done properly. Pruning trees when they are dormant helps the cut wounds heal faster, reducing the risk of disease and insect infestation.


Depending on the species of tree the best time is in winter, but when we is a key point before or after the season of hard frosts and before new growth occurs. pruning fruit trees is an important part of responsible owner. Knowing when to prune is the first step toward taking good care of your valuable trees. dormant part of its growth cycle.

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