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Seasoned firewood logs

Bennett’s Firewood – Firewood and Free woodchip Wokingham & Berkshire

We have become established as one of Wokingham’s premier seasoned firewood supplier offering a polite, prompt, and first class free delivery service to domestic clients.


Bennett’s Seasoned Firewood supply Logs and Kindling in Wokingham and surrounding areas. We offer a FREE delivery policy for Wokingham, Reading, Bracknell, and areas in and around Berkshire.


We supply you with good quality, seasoned firewood, either hardwood, or softwood can be shipped to your door. Our range of firewood’s come mainly from one Wokingham supplier who is Bennett’s tree care wood supplies of local standing. The wood is stored correctly, outside to weather and season off, then once cut, it is stored in aired sheds to stand, dry and fully seasoned for a minimum of a year and it is only sold on to the customer when we are satisfied with the quality and moisture content of the logs. This means you get a quality seasoned timber that will produce the fire you desire.


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