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Looking for a tree surgeon or tree stump removal services 

Tree Stumps are  left after a tree has been removed via tree removal often need to be removed with a stump grinder this is called stump grinding OR tree stump removal Tree roots can be frustrating eyesores, especially if they are attached to any running roots stretching throughout your garden.  Tree stump removal also reduces insect activity, mitigates new and unwanted growth, and provides room for future garden landscaping.

If you have an unsightly stump on your property let us know, we are happy to help. Stump grinding is the most effective way to finish the tree removal process. Our trained team members are able to safely manoeuvre our top of the line equipment to effectively remove your stump. once a stump is removed you will be able to plant another tree in that same spot again.

Is the equipment large or heavy 

Our stump grinder is 26 inches wide The grinding wheel is is located at the front of the machine. The wheel is serrated and fitted with metal teeth that spin and work from the top of the stump drilling down to upto 18 inch below ground level. When the machine has finished stump grinding OR tree stump removal of the tree root, you will be left with a mulch pile where there once was a stump. This mulch pile is often 20-30% larger than the pre-existing stump. This mulch can be left on site to backfill the depression left from the stump removal.

Any excess mulch can be used in surrounding landscaping, or if you’d prefer we can haul it away for an additional fee. Some stumps may be located in areas that make stump grinding impossible, but Bennett’s tree care has multiple tools to remove your tree stump correctly and with nearly no ground damage

We'll remove that tree stump 

We can remove any size of tree stump and grind below ground the stump below soil level, from small back gardens to large construction sites and everything in between.

Using our wide range of the latest stump grinders we safely remove tree stumps to make way for new plantings, or to prevent the spread of disease from fungus’s and pathogens such as honey fungus.

Stump grinding is far more effective than other methods such as mechanical digging, winching or poisoning and also much cheaper and safer. If you are fed from tripping over that annoying tree stump give us a call and we can arrange a quote.

Quite often you will be able to send us a photo and we can provide you with an estimate to remove the tree stump in question after viewing the photo.

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