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3 Times You Might Need Emergency Tree Work

Most of the time, the trees in the yard are beautiful, growing, and standing tall. However, sometimes you may need emergency tree work. Luckily, a tree surgeon in Bracknell is here to help. At Bennett’s Tree Care, we provide a variety of services to help keep trees strong and healthy. We are also available 24/7 to come remove fallen trees in case of an emergency. Read on for three times you might need emergency tree work.

After a Storm

An intense storm with high winds can often cause trees to fall. This could leave your yard full of fallen trees. It can also cause the trees to fall out into the street, blocking the road and the cars passing by. Before panicking, call Bennett’s Tree Care. We will give you advice over the phone and then send out one of our highly experienced tree surgeons to begin the tree removal process.

Tree has Fallen onto the House

Another reason a homeowner would need emergency tree services is if a tree fell directly on their home. This could lead to things like a collapsed roof or broken windows that can seriously put the homeowners in danger. Call Bennett’s as soon as possible and a tree surgeon will be out right away. At Bennett’s we are very experienced in using tools and machinery to carefully remove trees without causing additional damage to your home.

Tree has Fallen onto a Power Line

A third reason that emergency tree work is needed is due to a tree falling on a power line. A fallen tree on a power line can lead to widespread power outages. This is especially disruptive if it occurs at night or during a season of extreme temperature such as in the winter or the summer. If you spot a fallen tree on a power line, call Bennett’s immediately. We will get to work as soon as possible to remove the tree so that the power company can begin working to get the power back on.

Fallen trees are never a good thing! In fact, they can cause a lot of damage and can be dangerous to homeowners.

There are a variety of reasons why homeowners should call a tree surgeon in Bracknell, such as Bennett’s Tree Care. This includes when there are fallen trees after a storm, when a tree has fallen on the house, or when a tree has fallen onto a power line. Bennett’s is on call 24/7 so homeowners can call any time day or night. For more information about the services we provide, contact Bennett’s Tree Care today.

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